RealTime ReviewTM

Get a quick and easy estimate for your homeowners claim using video chat.

RealTime Review helps make the claim process more convenient for you. If your claim is eligible, our claim representatives use video chat to view your property and complete your damage estimate.

Why use RealTime Review?

RealTime Review eases the claim process by making it:
  • Convenient – Schedule the appointment, then your claim representative will walk you through the estimate process remotely.
  • Simple – Your claim representative will take screenshots of the damage during the video conversation, so you won't need to worry about submitting photos.
  • Fast – You’ll save time and trouble, plus you’ll get your repair estimate quicker.
What do I need for RealTime Review?

  • A device capable of video chat (A smartphone or tablet with Internet access works best).
  • FaceTime or Skype account.
How do I schedule a RealTime Review?

Homeowners claims can be reported online, over the phone, or through our mobile app. Once you've reported the claim, your claim representative will help you through the claim process. Ask your claim representative if RealTime Review will work for your claim. If so, your claim representative can set up the appointment for your video chat.

To report a claim to eService or call
1-800-2CLAIMS (1-800-225-2467) .

How does the claim process work?

Visit our Home Claims Process page to learn more about the process for reporting and resolving a claim.

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