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Planning a road trip to Mexico?

You'll need coverage from an admitted and authorized Mexico Insurer to drive across the border. Our partner, MexPro, offers customizable coverage options to ensure you have the right insurance plan for your trip.
  • Customizable coverage

    Various coverage limits and options make it easy to choose the right policy for you.

  • Print your policy today

    Getting the auto coverage you need is as easy as quote, purchase, print.

  • Haul it all

    Available for cars, RV's, pickups, SUV's, motorcycles, ATVs/UTV's, towables, and more.

  • Insurance for quick trips & extended stays

    Choose coverage from one day to one year.

I already have car insurance, why do I need this?

Most United States auto insurance policies are invalid or very limited in Mexico, leaving you vulnerable if an accident happens - but it isn't just a smart idea to make sure you're covered, it's the law. In order to drive in Mexico, it is required that you have an accepted policy in place.

    Other things you should know about driving in Mexico

    You might need a Vehicle Temporary Permit (TIP)
    If you plan to drive beyond the Border Zone, also known as the Free Trade Zone, you’ll need a TIP. The Boarder Zone ends approximately 12 to 16 miles from the northern border of Mexico, with the exception of the Baja Peninsula and most of Sonora, two areas which are still considered free. It is illegal to travel beyond the Border Zone without a TIP. If caught without one, you could be arrested.

    Expect the unexpected
    • Signals, signs, and general rules of the road are not always followed, or enforced, the way they are in the U.S. Use extra caution when driving and never assume another driver’s behavior is the norm if they appear to ignore traffic laws.
    • Unpredictable road conditions are par for the course. Be especially aware of topes (extreme speedbumps), which have been known to stop cars completely and cause considerable damage. You may be warned of hazardous topes by yellow road signs depicting a road with round bumps. If you see these signs or suspect you may be on a road with topes, you are advised to drive slowly. In general, roads in Mexico are not maintained like they are at home, so take your time and be on the lookout for other things like potholes, narrow shoulders, and sharp turns.
    • Take note, highway exists are on the left. Mexican highways use returnos instead of right side exits. Returnos require that you exit left to complete a U-turn that brings you off the highway. Keep this in mind when navigating to your destination on highways.
    Don't drink and drive
    Getting behind the wheel while under the influence isn't just dangerous, it could invalidate your policy in the event of an accident. As always, don't take any chances when it comes to drinking and driving.

    Remember to top off the gas tank
    Depending on where you're headed, gas stations may be few and far between. On libre (free) roads in particular, you may not find a gas station for many miles. Generally, always try to keep a full tank when venturing into areas you’re not familiar with.

      Products are underwritten by authorized, admitted Mexico Insurers and administered by International Insurance Group, Inc. MexPro is a division of International Insurance Group, Inc.