Affordable Coverage for Your Condo Unit

Condo insurance protects what your association's insurance doesn't, including your possessions, repairs to the interior of your unit, and liability claims brought against you. Get an affordable condo policy that covers:

  • Personal property so you’re protected from loss due to theft, fire, and certain forms of weather damage.
  • Liability claims resulting from accidental injuries to others.
  • Appliances, fixtures, and interior alterations and improvements you’ve made to your unit.
  • Property you are responsible for under your condo association agreement, along with other structures like a shed or garage.
Start a condo insurance quote today, or find information below about our available coverage and discount options.
  • Personal Property

    Standard Coverage

    Covers your personal possessions from theft or damage both inside and outside of your condo, like in your car and when you're on vacation or moving.

  • Liability

    Standard Coverage

    Protects you from loss up to your coverage limit if you accidentally damage someone else's property.

  • Home Computer and Smartphone

    Additional Coverage

    Provides additional protection, including higher limits and additional covered causes of loss for computers, peripheral devices, software, and media.

  • Blanket Jewelry

    Additional Coverage

    Provides additional protection for all jewelry items under a single limit that's specific to jewelry claims.

Many Ways to Save Money

Some of our condo insurance discounts are built right into your policy, while others are determined on an individual basis. You can save in the following ways:
  • Multi-Policy Discount

    Bundle and Save

    Save when you bundle your condo insurance with your auto insurance policy.

  • Claims-Free Discount

    Claims-Free Discount

    Save when you haven't filed a claim with your previous insurance carrier for five years or more.