Personal Property Coverage

Insure your jewelry and other valuables

Homeowners insurance shouldn't just protect your home, it should protect the important belongings inside.

From ordinary items, to valuables — we know how much the things that make your house a home mean to you. Should a covered item be damaged or destroyed, you deserve to have a replacement that's a near or exact match.

What Personal Property Replacement covers?
Quick Guide: Insuring your valuables

Start with an appraisal
The best way to know how much coverage you need is to get your valuables professionally appraised. An appraisal will tell you how much your item is worth, and therefore, the cost of a replacement. Keep in mind, a receipt or bill of sale may suffice for jewelry and engagement rings.

Determine if you need extra coverage
If your valuable exceeds the standard amount, you might consider additional coverage. Generally, the standard amount for personal property is $1,000.

Items you should consider protecting
Engagement rings & jewelry
Antiques & fine rugs
Collectibles & memorabilia
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