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Mortgage and Lien Inquiries

The Mortgage Inquiry form is displayed by default below. Select Lien Inquiry to display that form. All fields are required unless noted as optional. This form is for use by mortgage and lien companies only. Please contact us here for all other auto and home insurance inquiries.

Processing times and other important information

Due to varying completion timelines, you may not receive all requested documentation at the same time. See below for details.

Completed within 24 hours

Proof of Coverage

Mortgagee Addition/Correction

Provides a declaration page confirming coverage, deductibles, endorsements, replacement cost, etc.

Billing Status/Balance Inquiry

Provides confirmation that the policy is paid in full, or an invoice reflecting the outstanding policy balance, amount due, due date, and payment address.

California Form 438 Request

Provides a copy of the California 438 endorsement form.

Mortgagee Deletion

Provides the customer with a declaration stating that the mortgagee was deleted.
Completed within 48 hours

Replacement Cost Request

When this coverage is listed on the policy, the following percentages are applied to the Coverage A – Dwelling amount reflected on the declaration page:
  • AK: 25% or 50% depending on the customer's selection. The declaration page will reflect this amount.
  • AR, NY, and NC: 25%
  • CA and HI: 35%
  • CT: 40%
  • All other states: 20%
Completed within 3 days as customer confirmation is required prior to processing

New Business Effective Date Change

Used to request a new effective date when property closing has been delayed.

Named Insured Addition

Used when the name of an insured is incorrect or misspelled.

Coverage Change

Used when coverage limits are not acceptable for loan requirements.

Property Address Change or Correction

Used when the property address reflected on the policy isn't accurate.
What type of inquiry is this?

How can we help you today?

How would you like to receive this information?

What is this request for?
What is the effective date?

For New Home Purchase or Renewal requests, enter the effective date of the policy. Renewal requests cannot be made more than 30 days in advance of the effective date. For Refinance requests, enter the effective date of the change.

Client Information is required unless otherwise noted. Changes can then be made to either or both mortgagees.

Client Information is required unless otherwise noted. Deletions can then be made to either or both mortgagees.

Client Information

First Mortgagee Information (optional)

What change is being made?
Escrow billing?
Loss Payee Details
Lien Type:
Is the loss payee also the lessor?
Delete First Mortgagee
Delete Second Mortgagee
Lessor Details

Vehicle Details
Loan / Lease Details

Second Mortgagee Information (optional)

What change is being made?
Escrow billing?

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