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Car Safety Score

Supporting Your Commitment to Making Smart, Safe Choices

Car Safety ScoreHow does the car you're considering for purchase (or already own) stack up in terms of overall safety and cost to insure?

Our car safety score card can help. It's based on recent insurance claims data across 6 categories provided by Highway Loss Data Insurance (HLDI)1 reports. The scorecard compares hundreds of vehicles against an average, indicating how a vehicle may perform based on cost of collision, personal injury liability and medical, and other losses including theft. This is the same kind of information insurers consider when determining auto insurance rates.

Owning a vehicle with safety features could also lead to a lower rate on your auto insurance policy. We offer insurance savings for standard features such as anti-theft systems and anti-lock brakes, as well as innovative features including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and collision preparation systems. A Liberty Mutual representative can help you understand how these results may influence your insurance costs and provide you with ways to lower your premiums.
Find out how your car scores:
Scores and Evaluation for:
Property Damage Liability
Personal Injury Protection
Medical Payment
Bodily Injury Liability

How scoring works:

  • 100 represents the average result for all vehicles
  • Higher than 100 is worse than average
  • Lower than 100 is better than average
substantially better than average
better than average
worse than average
substantially worse than average
insufficient data to compile a reliable result