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Shopping for Affordable Car Insurance

How to get the best price and keep the cost of your insurance low.

When shopping for car insurance, getting the best price means that you are getting the most value for your money. But with many options out there, it can be overwhelming to understand. So as you shop and compare prices, it’s important to keep these points in mind:

  1. Know the limitations of the lowest-priced policy.

    The lowest-priced policy may not give you the protection you need after an accident. Saving a little money on a policy with reduced coverage could end up costing you a lot when you have to pay out of pocket for repairs. After all, what good is insurance if you have to worry about using it?

  2. Understand how your coverage affects your price.

    It’s important to know how your insurance rate and coverage amounts both affect the price you pay. Simply put, a lower amount of coverage will cost less, but may leave you with less protection when you need it. Also, adjusting the amount of your collision deductible will impact your monthly premium. While there are many coverage options available, when you get a quote we make it easy for you to choose the types and levels of coverage you need.

  3. Take advantage of available discounts.

    When you get a quote, we'll identify discounts for special savings based on your policy, your car, and your life. Some of the ways you can save include:

    • Bundling Your Auto and Home Policies
    • Having Vehicle Safety Features
    • Being a New Liberty Mutual Customer
    • Insuring Multiple Cars
  4. Recognize that your personal decisions can affect your price.

    The price you pay for insurance is primarily determined by your rate and the coverage you choose, but there are many continuous actions you can take to lower the cost of your insurance:

    Maintain a good driving record and credit-based insurance score.

    Accidents, tickets, and points on your license all can cost you money. Good habits on the road and financially will help keep your price low, and improving both can help lower it over time. Proactively taking driving classes can also lower the points on your license in some cases. All this goes for both you and the other drivers on your policy.

    Keep insurance claims to a minimum.

    We know that accidents happen, and we’re here for you when you need us. But there are actions you can take, like following traffic laws and maintaining your vehicle, to reduce the likelihood that your (or someone else’s) car could be damaged in an accident. Generally speaking, having fewer claims in the past and staying claims free may help lower your rate.

    Consider repair and replacement costs when purchasing your next vehicle.

    Some cars are simply more expensive to repair or replace after an accident, so in-turn they’re more expensive to insure. Choosing a car that’s less expensive can help bring down your cost.

  5. Choose a company that will provide the best value.

    Getting the best value for your money is a synthesis of great coverage and awesome customer benefits. We’ve been in business for over 100 years, providing quality coverage and excellent customer service – online or in-person – all at the lowest possible price. In the end, it matters which company is going to be standing with you when you need them.
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