Renters Insurance

You could get renters insurance for rates as low as $12/month1. If you rent your apartment, house, or condo, you probably need insurance. While your landlord likely has insurance to protect the building you live in, that policy will not protect you or your possessions. Renters Insurance is an affordable way to cover yourself for a variety of unexpected events.
What Renters Insurance Covers
Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance covers the possessions that matter to you from theft, fire, and some types of water damage. And renters coverage doesn't stop when you leave your home. Your personal property is covered in your car, when you go on vacation, even when you're moving.2
You'll also be covered if you accidentally damage someone else's property or if someone sues you for their injury in your apartment.3 So for example, if your bathtub overflows and water seeps into the apartment below, damaging your neighbor's furniture or rug, your renters policy will cover the damage up to your liability limits. Or if someone trips in your apartment and files a claim against you, Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance provides a defense up to your liability and medical payments limits.4
Renters Insurance Discounts
You may be able to save even more on the cost of rental insurance with our available discounts.
+Multi-Policy Discount:-Multi-Policy Discount:Multi-Policy Discount:
  • When you insure your car and apartment with Liberty Mutual.
+Exclusive Group Savings:-Exclusive Group Savings:Exclusive Group Savings:
  • If you belong to one of the nearly 14,000 Liberty Mutual member groups.
+Claims-Free Savings:-Claims-Free Savings:Claims-Free Savings:
  • If you have not filed a claim with your previous insurance carrier for five years or more.
Additional Coverages
Your belongings can add up quicker than you think. Additional coverage for your computer, smartphone and jewelry can be a smart way to protect your most valuable possessions.
+Home Computer and Smartphone Coverage:-Home Computer and Smartphone Coverage:Home Computer and Smartphone Coverage:
  • Home Computer and Smartphone Coverage: provides additional protection (including higher limits and additional covered causes of loss) for computers, peripheral devices, software, and media. Smartphones and iPads, for example, are covered with this endorsement. Losses will be subject to a $50 deductible.
+Blanket Jewelry Coverage:-Blanket Jewelry Coverage:Blanket Jewelry Coverage:
  • Blanket Jewelry Coverage: provides additional coverage for all jewelry items under a single combined limit (e.g. $5,000 in coverage means you have a maximum of $5,000 in coverage for any and all jewelry items). Valuation and other documentation will be required if you file a claim. To schedule individual jewelry items, please contact us to choose item-specific limits and provide valuation.

1 Your premium will vary depending on the laws, regulations, and rates filed in the state where you buy your insurance.
2 Deductibles apply; be sure to update your policy within 30 days of a move.
3 Limits, terms and conditions apply.
4 Depending on the tort (grounds for a civil lawsuit) alleged.

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