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Distracted driving in America: How bad is it?

Ever find yourself a little preoccupied behind the wheel? Maybe, a lot preoccupied? Especially by your phone? If so, you’re among the many Americans who are distracted on the road according to a new global study conducted by Liberty Mutual. In fact, millennials are the biggest culprit of phone use behind the wheel, such as sending texts and emails or glancing at those tempting notifications.

Distracted driving report card

distracted driving infographic

How you can stay safe on the road

While your own driving report card might not be perfect, there are a number of simple steps you can take that can help support safer driving. Here’s what you can do about it.

Tips to avoid distraction

Avoid the phone - As our study shows, it can be hard to resist. Keep your phone out of site to avoid temptation, or put it on do not disturb.
Do your best not to rush (or stress) – We get it, running late is sometimes unavoidable. Speeding to your destination can be dangerous, though. Try to leave some extra time and do your best to take a breath and slow down.
Be a defensive driver – Always be aware the speed of other drivers and their proximity to you. Keep a safe distance, so if something happens, you have time to react or stop.

How Liberty Mutual can help

RightTrack - Become more mindful about your choices on the road with this discount program that rewards you for being a safe driver.

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Discounts for good drving

Accident Free Discount - Safe driving pays off. If you have an accident-free driving history, we'll reward you for it with savings.
Violation Free - Great drivers are made, not born. You'll get a discount if your driving history is violation-free.

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