Teen Driving Contract

Building a guideline to safe driving.

teenager with teen driving contract
Liberty Mutual believes that effective parent-teen communication is critical to helping teens recognize and choose safe driving behaviors. The Teen Driving Contract is both a conversation-starter about safety issues and a customized agreement that lets you create and uphold family driving rules.

Before a teen driver is handed the keys to the car, it's a good idea to lay out some basic rules—and the consequences for breaking those rules. Every family is different, but typical topics include repercussions for speeding, the number of passengers allowed in the car and how late at night a teen is allowed to drive.

Liberty Mutual Insurance has tips to help parents pave the way for safety while their teens are behind the wheel.

  • Hide the phone! Our research indicates that 73% of teens admit to having their phones nearby while driving alone. Ask teens to keep their phones out of reach and on silent so they're less tempted to check app notifications.1
  • Set a Good Example: More than a quarter of parents admit to not following the same rules required of their teens when it comes to texting, speeding or talking on the phone while driving. Parents should keep their own behaviors in mind to avoid becoming an added distraction to their teen driver.
  • Map it out: 42% of teens say they text while driving to get directions or find out how to get somewhere. Teach teens to program their navigation apps before getting behind the wheel or pull over to double check directions.
  • Call for a ride: 34% of teens admit to having called for a ride instead of driving when they're too tired. Teach teens to call for a ride and research options in advance if they feel they are at risk of falling asleep.
Liberty Mutual believes that parents have a tremendous opportunity to enhance their role in deterring unsafe driving behaviors among teens. When families build safe driving plans together it fosters effective, face-to-face communication, which leads to safer driving behaviors.

  • For Parents/Guardians: Having a conversation with your new teen driver provides an opportunity for you to share your own driving experiences, your concerns about safety and your ideas for ground rules. Keep the agreement accessible so that you can update the rules together as your teen progresses as a driver.
  • For Teen Drivers: Whether you're planning to get a permit or are already on the road, use this guide to demonstrate your commitment to safe and responsible driving. Your signed agreement will earn your parents' trust and help give them peace of mind when you're on your own.
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1Data from the 2014-2015 Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) survey of 1,622 teens and 1,000 parents across the country.