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Confidence in your Homeowners Insurance starts with the basics - that your home and possessions will be covered when you suffer a loss, and that you'll be able to pay liability claims against you. Liberty Mutual makes sure you're covered for these events, so you won't have to worry if your insurance is up to the task.

The standard protection of your Liberty Mutual Homeowners policy covers common occurrences like fire and theft, but also the less common occurrences like ice dams, accidents in the pool area, or if your dog bites the repairman. Additional coverage is also available for peace of mind if you own high-value items, like electronics and jewelry. When you create a customized quote, you can choose the coverage types and amounts that make sense for you, including:

Many Ways to Save Money

In addition to the standard value of a Liberty Mutual Homeowners policy, we offer many additional discounts designed to save you money. Some are built right into your policy, while others are determined on an individual basis. When you quote online or over the phone, we'll make sure you get all the discounts you qualify for and the lowest price possible. You can save in the following ways:

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