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Save for the unexpected with the Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund®
Like an old fashioned piggy bank, the Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund allows you to save money towards your deductible for as long as it's included on your policy. Not only that, Liberty Mutual will contribute to your fund as well — helping you save money for when you need it most.1 Call us today to enroll your existing policy, or begin your customized auto quote with Liberty Mutual below.

Here's how it works
When you enroll in the Deductible Fund, you'll save up to $100 annually towards your collision deductible for as long as you're a customer.
  • You contribute $30 annually to your fund.
  • Liberty Mutual will contribute $702 annually to your fund.
  • There's no limit to how much you can save, and the money in your Deductible Fund never expires as long as you’re a Liberty Mutual customer.3
Note: After year 5, you'll continue to earn and save beyond the $500.4
Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund® savings chart
What's a deductible?
The initial amount you pay toward a claim before coverage kicks in
Paid even if you're not at fault for the accident
Typically, the lower your deductible the higher your monthly payment…
...and conversely, the higher your deductible, the lower your monthly payment
How you'll benefit
There's unlimited potential to grow your Deductible Fund.
Even if you need to use your fund, you'll continue to earn at the start of your next renewal.
All the vehicles on your policy with Collision Insurance are covered by your policy — not just one.
Your low deductible stays the same all year regardless of accidents.
What happens if you get in an accident?
Your Deductible Fund cuts your out-of-pocket costs when you need it.
First, check that everyone is okay. After, be sure to contact Liberty Mutual to report the accident and file your claim.
File your claim online or call us directly
Once the claim is filed, you'll be required to pay your insurance deductible. That's where the Deductible Fund kicks in. Your original deductible will be reduced by the balance in your fund, which means less out of pocket expenses for you!
Log in to confirm your deductible balance
If you need to use your entire fund, your Deductible Fund will reset automatically at renewal.
You'll continue to remain enrolled in the Deductible Fund
In short, the money in your Deductible Fund is there for you whenever you need it.
We'll guide you through the simple payment process
How to enroll in the Deductible Fund
Already a Liberty Mutual auto insurance customer?
It's easy to enroll, and it could save you hundreds down the road.
Not a Liberty Mutual auto insurance customer?
Begin your online auto quote and learn more about how we can bring peace of mind to you.
Un-complicating Car Insurance
Understanding your coverage options shouldn't be so hard. We'll guide you through available coverage types, starting with who and what is covered.
1Optional feature. Applicable for collision coverage only. Subject to terms and conditions. Availability varies by state.
2Pricing varies by state and is based on the number of vehicles with collision coverage on the policy.
3Deductible Fund value is non-transferable and terminates upon non-renewal or cancellation of the endorsement.
4For illustrative purposes only. Subject to the number of covered collision claims, and terms and conditions of your policy.