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Car Insurance

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Some of the things your auto insurance policy covers

Bodily Injury
Injury to you or someone else
Damage to someone else’s car
Property Damage Liability
Damaged property

We customize your insurance so you only pay for what you need.

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What about coverage for damage caused by weather or vandalism?

We’ve got you.

What about coverage for damage caused by weather or vandalism?

You can customize your policy with Comprehensive Coverage for an extra layer of protection from things besides a collision. If you lease or finance your car, this coverage may be required.

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Does Liberty Mutual have an app?

You bet.

Does Liberty Mutual have an app?

The Liberty Mutual app makes it easy for you to pay your bill, manage your policy, and get help with anything you might need, including filing a claim.

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Understand your auto coverage options

Real life example
Medical Payments
You’re hurt in a car accident and need to take an ambulance to the hospital. This will help cover the cost.1
Bodily Injury Liability
You’re at fault in a collision where someone hurts their wrist. This can help cover their medical expenses.2
Property Damage
You back out of your driveway and hit your neighbor’s fence (it happens). The cost to repair the fence can be covered.3
New Car Replacement™
You total your car just one month after getting it. We’ll help you get a new one with this coverage.4
Accident Forgiveness
After years of never getting in an accident, you hit someone’s bumper. You’re forgiven - we won’t raise your rate. 5
Deductible Fund®
You need to pay your deductible after a fender-bender. Use your fund towards the cost and you’ll owe less money.6

Auto discounts that help you save

Savings Discount

Online Purchase Discount

You could save instantly when you purchase your policy online.7

Bundle and Save

You could save $842 on customized auto and home insurance.8


Get rewarded for your good driving behavior by saving up to 30% on your policy.9

Looking for some advice? We can help.

Car insurance 101
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While it can seem arbitrary, there are actual reasons you can see your price go up and down.
Car buying
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Arm yourself with information to make choosing (and buying) the right used car a worry-free process.

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Common questions

1Coverage requirements vary by state.
2Minimum requirements vary by state.
3Minimum monetary coverage varies by state.
4Optional coverage in some states; availability varies by state. Eligibility rules apply.
6Total deductible elimination may not be available in all states
7Discount applies to 12% on average off auto coverages: Bodily Injury Liability, Physical Damage, Uninsured Motorist, Underinsured Motorist, Medical Payments, Personal Injury Protection, Collision and Comprehensive coverages, as applicable by state.
8Savings validated by 2019 countrywide survey of participating new customers who switched to Liberty Mutual and saved. Savings may vary. Comparison does not apply in MA.
9Liberty Mutual: The RightTrack® discount applies only to the base coverages on the participating vehicle, which may include Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Comprehensive, Collision, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorist, and Underinsured Motorist (subject to state availability). Initial discount may vary by state and is replaced with a final discount upon completion of a review period. Not available in all states.