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*Additional charges apply if your policy does not include the Towing and Labor coverage.
Attempting to understand the details of your insurance policy shouldn't leave you lost. Coverage Compass helps you explore what's within your policies, identifies potential gaps, and offers additional coverage options - leaving you with the confidence of knowing exactly where you stand.

With Coverage Compass, you can:

  • View the existing coverages within your insurance policies.
  • Learn more about potential gaps in your coverage.
  • Explore additional coverages for which you are eligible.

Coverage Compass breaks down your insurance policy into three buckets: Not Covered, Covered, and Covered – More options available. You can select a coverage from the interactive compass wheel to learn more about it. If you are not fully covered, you will also have the option to get a quote for adding that coverage to your policy.

The auto insurance coverages on your compass may include:

  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Better Car ReplacementTM
  • Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund®
  • Towing & Labor
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
The home insurance coverages on the compass may include:

  • Home Protector PlusTM
  • Computer & Smartphone
  • Inflation Protection
  • Credit Card Liability
  • Blanket Jewelry
  • Identity Fraud Protection

If you don't already have a Liberty Mutual online account to view your Coverage Compass, you can create your account here.