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Medical Payments Coverage

What is medical payments coverage?

In the event you are hurt in an accident and taken to the hospital, Medical Payments Coverage pays for your initial medical expenses related to the accident, regardless of who is at fault. The passengers in your car are also covered, as well as family members living with you if they are injured as pedestrians or when riding in another person's car. This coverage is subject to your policy terms and conditions.

What Does Medical Payments Cover?
  • Ambulance transportation to the hospital.
  • Emergency room care.
  • The initial hospital stay.
  • Other reasonable medical and funeral expenses resulting from the accident.
How Medical Payments Coverage Works
Say you’re involved in an accident and spend two nights in the hospital recovering. If the cost of your stay totals $2,500 but your coverage limit is $1,000, you would be responsible for paying the amount that remains. Medical Payments Coverage is not intended as a substitute for health insurance. Coverage limits are typically low and meant only to help you cover your immediate medical expenses. You or your health insurance are responsible for covering expenses above your coverage limit.

The Benefits of Medical Payments Coverage
  • Avoiding paying out-of-pocket for the cost of your medical care and the care of others in your car at the time of the accident.
  • Lessening the potential amount that you will owe for the cost of your medical care and the care of others in your car at the time of the accident.
This coverage is mandatory in some states. Liberty Mutual can help you learn if a higher coverage level is right for you when you start an online quote.