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7 Simple Baby-Proofing Hacks For Your Home

By Christine Siska

7 Simple Baby-Proofing Hacks For Your Home

Keep your little ones safe and sound with these simple, and affordable, baby-proofing solutions using everyday household items:

  • Pool noodles make great door stoppers. Worried about slamming doors and pinched fingers? Cut a 6-inch section from a pool noodle, then slice it lengthwise through its hollow center. Insert it on the top-half of your door and you have a quiet door stopper out of the reach of kids' hands.
Babyproofing door stoppers
  • Keep your child from exploring surge protectors. First, cut a hole in the side of a plastic bin with a lid. Then, place the surge protector in the box with the attached wires and cords threading through the hole, and then seal the box with the lid to keep out of reach.
Babyproofing surge protector
  • Rubber bracelets or thick hairbands make great lightweight, childproof cabinet locks. Loop rubber bracelets or hairbands over cabinet knobs to keep the contents of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets out of baby's hands.
Babyproofing cabinet locks
  • Decals or stickers make glass doors more visible. Keep babies from crawling headfirst into a not-so-noticeable door by placing decals or stickers on the glass.
Babyproofing glass decals
  • A laundry basket in the tub keeps kids in place. Bathing your child in a laundry basket in the tub will help prevent toys from floating away and keeps baby in the same spot in the tub to make head-bumps on the faucet less frequent.
Babyproofing tub safety
  • Foam pipe insulation and duct tape make great padding for outer hearths of fireplaces. Cover the sharp edges of your outer fireplace hearths with foam pipe insulation. Keep it in place with duct tape to help keep head bumps to a minimum.
Babyproofing fireplace padding
  • Tennis balls can soften sharp table corners. Cut small slices in old tennis balls and wedge them onto table corners to prevent bumps and bruises.
Babyproofing table corners

What other hacks have made baby proofing your home both easy and affordable?

April 23, 2014, 3:07 PM

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