By Sarah Coppinger
Boston Day Trips
There's something about summer weather that gives people the travel bug. Whether you need to get out of your non-air-conditioned home or are searching for a way to entertain the kids, you can easily fulfill your wanderlust by sprinkling your calendar with a few day trips. Here are just a handful of the fun and family-friendly destinations in Massachusetts that are short drives from the city of Boston:

Boston Road Trip

  • The Berkshires : The Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts are full of communities that offer respite for those looking to unplug and unwind. Teach your kids about local food sourcing and growing by stopping into any of the local farm-fresh markets in the area. For those who are arts-inclined, schedule your trip around events at Tanglewood, the area's acclaimed outdoor music venue that's been thriving since the 1930s.
  • Truro : With so many things to do in Cape Cod, virtually any destination will please your getaway urge, but Truro has got the essentials: quiet beaches, quaint local haunts and its very own vineyard. The peaceful community keeps its "locals-only" reputation alive partially because of its distance from Boston - 105 miles. Truro is a permanent home to a small population of fishermen and retirees, and a vacation spot for families that appreciate picturesque beaches with rolling hills, sand dunes and very few tourists.
  • Gloucester : Another hot spot along the water's edge is Gloucester, a small town just north of Boston, with the motto, "America's Oldest Fishing Port." You'll frequently be reminded of this tagline, as fishermen statues, sea-inspired museums and whale-watching tours are aplenty in this coastal town. If you visit on a day that's not perfect weather for whale watching, explore Hammond Castle, a medieval estate with magnificent architecture and tons of ancient artifacts. Kids will love getting a glimpse of the tower dungeon, and if you plan your trip in July, they'll get a kick out of Abbadia Fest, Hammond Castle's take on a traditional Renaissance fair.
For tips on how to get your family and car ready before you head out on the road, read our road trip safety checklist .


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