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Stay Focused: Distracted Driving Prevention Tools

By Justin Stoltzfus

Stay Focused
Distracted driving is a big problem on American roads. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are more than 9 fatalities rooted in distracted driving per day in the U.S., with hundreds of thousands more people injured by distracted driving each year. With that in mind, companies have started to offer a range of "distracted driving prevention tools" that utilize the power of the smart phone to make the roads safer for everyone.

  • Drive First. Drive First works by simply shutting down many of the most dangerous features of a mobile device when a car reaches a significant speed, using GPS data to figure out when the vehicle is in motion.
  • reads emails and texts out loud, eliminating that urge to check a screen, so the users can get information without putting others at risk by looking at their devices.
  • ZoomSafer. ZoomSafer does a number of things, starting with a warning message to drivers. The app incorporates voice-activated functionality for incoming texts, emails, and social messages, while also selectively notifying your contacts automatically when and where you're driving. The app also offers enhanced controls for parents, like safety logs that can help hold younger drivers accountable for their actions when they're driving alone.
  • Textecution. The Textecution app is a "locking" app that disables text and email functionality when you're moving beyond a certain speed. It even comes with controls to help avoid disabling the locking if a user removes Textecution from the phone, there is an option for another user, likely a parent, to be notified by text.
These are just some of the most useful technologies and applications that can help to limit the damage done by distracted driving accidents and keep all drivers safer on the road.

August 2, 2013, 2:23 PM

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