By Marissa Green
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The sirens of a fire truck often blend into the everyday noise of a neighborhood. For almost thirty years, Liberty Mutual has presented the Firemark Award to firefighters across the nation to ensure their efforts to protect our communities never go unrecognized. We're proud to share the National Winners of the 2014 Firemark Awards:

  • National Award for Heroism: Jordan Sullivan (Brooklyn, NY)
  • National Award for Community Service: Lyle Dorschied (LaFarge, WI)
Our local nominees and National Winners all represent the selfless spirit demonstrated by those who go beyond the call of duty to keep our communities safe.

Jordan Sullivan, our National Winner for Heroism, was a rookie firefighter and after 96 days in the field had never been to a fire. On March 16, 2014, that changed when Ladder Company 105 received a call about a structural fire at a residential building in Brooklyn. Jordan Sullivan made his first fire call a heroic one.

When Ladder Co. 105 arrived at the fire, they learned that there were still children inside the apartment. The firefighters performed a search and Jordan found a baby in a crib; he was able to get the infant safely out of the house and then helped suppress the fire. "Children are a gift, they are innocent and they are all of our responsibility. It's what we're trained for - we're here to help," said Sullivan.

Learn more about Jordan's story and his heroic actions that day:

The National Community Service Winner, Lyle Dorschied, has been a volunteer firefighter for 41 years. The La Farge volunteer Fire Department is an integral part of the town and has implemented many projects with Lyle's leadership that give back to the community. These projects include a cancer benefit organized for a fellow firefighter that raised over $70,000 in one day. The Department is also fortunate to have Lyle contribute his time and talents to the Fire Prevention program presented by the Department in cooperation with other organizations. Each year Lyle volunteers for the Pre-K through 2nd grade program at the fire station during Fire Prevention Week.

Learn more about Lyle’s story and his commitment to the community:

To learn more about Lyle's story and to see more stories about the 2014 Firemark nominees, visit the Liberty Mutual YouTube channel and join the conversation online by using the hashtag #FiremarkAward.


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