By Kate Bowler
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As a part of our series on demystifying insurance, we asked Liberty Mutual representatives to tell us some of the most common questions they get every day. One question that they reported comes up quite often is whether or not individuals who live in rental properties need renters insurance. Here is their renters insurance advice.

Q: Who needs Renters Insurance?
A: It's a good idea to consider renters insurance if you live in a rental property. Your landlord likely has insurance that protects the building as a whole, but their insurance policy won't cover your belongings inside the rental unit -- renters insurance covers your personal items from perils like theft and fire in the event of a loss. It also protects your personal property outside of the home - like items in your car or your belongings you bring with you when you're away on vacation. Renters insurance can also provide liability protection - for example, if someone was injured inside your home or you caused accidental damage to a neighboring apartment, you could be held liable when your landlord's policy does not cover you or protect your assets. When thinking about how much renters insurance you need, consider how much your electronics, furniture, clothing, household and personal items are worth and use our Renters Insurance calculator to estimate how much you would need to replace those items.

Learn more about renters insurance coverage and benefits.


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