By Bridget and Casey of The DIY Playbook
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Bridget and Casey of The DIY Playbook share their tips for spring cleaning in the first installment of our New Beginnings series.

Spring is an exciting time of year because it provides the perfect opportunity to take on a new beginning. Whether it's transitioning over your closet, finally getting the opportunity to clean out your garage or starting to plant this year's garden, spring is a fresh, exciting time of year.

flower The break in temperatures and the fresh spring air seem to motivate us just a tad more to tackle some looming chores. Although spring cleaning might not be the first thing on our exciting spring to-do list, it is definitely part of the spring package. Plus, if those spring cleaning chores lead us to a safe and relaxing summer, we are all in.

kitchen We created a spring cleaning checklist filled with projects we couldn't get around to during the colder months and necessary spring maintenance tasks. Below are some of the items on that spring cleaning to-do list that can prevent problems before they occur and help ensure a safe and relaxing transition into summer for our family and our homes.

Inside the House:
  • Check all the batteries in the smoke alarms and change any that need replacing.
  • Change filters in the furnace to help with air quality and save on energy.
  • Clean lint out of dryer tubes and filters to prevent fires.
  • Move the refrigerator and dust the bottom and back of it.
  • Check crawl spaces and/or attics for cracks and leaks that have developed during the winter.
  • Clean the oven.
  • Inventory your belongings - this task is simple with the Liberty Mutual Home Gallery App.
Outside of the House:
  • Clean the gutters of any winter debris.
  • Re-connect the garden hoses.
  • Clean and organize the garage (make sure hazardous materials are secured).
  • Get the car washed to remove winter salt buildup and remove snow tires.
  • Change any outdoor lightbulbs that burnt out during the winter.
  • Clean the grill.
tools When we include these sometimes overlooked items in our spring cleaning and organizing routine, our home feels safer and ready to transition into the new season. Just by taking a few precautionary steps of cleaning, replacing, and checking up on areas of concern, you can catch a small problem before it becomes a big one. Plus when we're done with our checklist, we know we're one step closer to summer. Until then, rest assured we will be patiently waiting and enjoying lots of spring sunshine and fresh flowers.

flower Happy spring cleaning! We hope your transition into spring is full of projects that help prepare you and your home for a safe and relaxing summer (while saving you some money, too).


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