stay safe on the road


stay safe on the road

Any number of things can happen while you or a loved one is driving. This MasterKit will guard you against many of them. With a little planning, you'll learn the best ways to build a car emergency kit, talk to your family about road safety, and keep your cool after an accident.
Car Emergency Kit Items
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9 Essentials for Your Car Emergency Kit

Build your own emergency kit from 9 things you (probably) already have at home.

Overcoming tough situations on the road is equal parts preparation and action. Build this DIY car emergency kit and keep it in your vehicle so you can worry less about the unexpected and be more ready to handle it. Best of all, you might have the following items around the house already.

1. First Aid Kit:
Car Emergency Kit - First Aid
Whether it's a bandage or a packet of pain relievers, a first-aid kit is a must-have in any road emergency kit.
Pro Tip: If anyone in your family has specific medication needs, add them to your car's emergency first-aid kit.

2. Food & Water:
Car Emergency Kit - Food
It's always good to have some non-perishable food items, such as energy bars and bottled water, just in case.

3. Gloves:
Car Emergency Kit - Gloves
Whether you just need them for warmth when stranded on the side of the road, or use them for protection when changing a tire, gloves are an important multi-use item for your car emergency kit.

4. Flashlight:
Car Emergency Kit - Flashlight
Keep a flashlight in your emergency kit, and it will come in handy whether you're inspecting your car at night or need some extra visibility under the hood.
Pro Tip: Don't forget to pack extra batteries!

5. Duct Tape:
Car Emergency Kit – Duct Tape
From patching tires to reattaching bumpers and mirrors, a little roll of duct tape can go a long way.

6. Woolen Blanket:
Car Emergency Kit - Blanket
Whether it's pouring, sleeting, or snowing, a wool blanket can help you stay warm and dry until help arrives.
Pro Tip: Opt for a wool blanket over a blend or fleece option. Not only is wool flame and odor resistant, it will also keep you the warmest!

7. USB Battery Pack:
Car Emergency Kit – USB Battery
A fully-charged cell phone is a must-have – especially in an auto emergency. Small and inexpensive, a portable USB battery pack is a worthwhile backup plan. Just remember to keep your phone's charger in the car, too.

8. Pen & Paper:
Car Emergency Kit – Pen and Paper
Your cell phone is great for a lot of things, but pen and paper are irreplaceable when it comes to jotting down and sharing information, emergency numbers, and important details.

9. Winter Essentials:
Car Emergency Kit - Winter
If you live in an area with white winters and icy roads, it's a good idea to keep some winter essentials in your car's emergency kit – a shovel, ice scraper, change of warm clothes, and a pair of boots, for starters.
Pro Tip: Hand sanitizer can be a great way to unstick frozen door locks, in a pinch.

To see how our DIY expert Chip Wade prepares his car emergency kit, watch this 360-degree video.

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stay safe on the road

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