tackle home repairs


tackle home repairs

Unexpected home repairs will come up, but you don't have to be caught off-guard. This MasterKit will prime you to take on the project at hand. Whether it's fixing it yourself or calling in a professional, you'll learn how to diagnose the situation and respond accordingly.
Professional Home Repair
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(Don't) Do It Yourself: What?s Too Dangerous to DIY

When it comes to home repair projects like these, even seasoned homeowners should call in the professionals.

Even the handiest of handymen should not attempt certain home repairs. Attempting repairs like roofing and plumbing without a professional can cause additional property damage and out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, it's downright dangerous. Here's how to know when to leave it to the experts:

  1. Permits
    If your state laws require a permit for it, there's a reason. Home repair projects like large tree removal, digging, major electrical, and foundation work should be left to the professionals.
  2. Electrical
    When it comes to electrical home repairs, one wrong move could give you a zap, or even burn down a house. Many serious electrical projects require a permit (see number 1) and even if they don't – any wiring inside the walls, ceiling, or panel box should be handled by a licensed and insured electrician. Older houses might have non-traditional wiring, which might also require special tools or procedures.
  3. Asbestos Removal
    Even if you think it's possible to remove asbestos DIY-style, leave this project to the professionals. Exposure to this toxic insulation material can be deadly, and attempting to remove it without a professional puts you – and the people around you – at serious risk.

    DIY: fixing a leaky faucet. Don't DIY: removing asbestos. Check out our list of DDIY home repairs here.
  4. Roofing
    From simple to severe roof repairs, attempting to go the DIY route without expertise in this area can cause more harm than good. Not only can you seriously hurt yourself, you can seriously damage the structural integrity of your home without the proper skillset and tools.
  5. Windows
    Proper window installation and replacement requires specialized tools and skills. If you're lacking either, leave it to the pros.
  6. Plumbing
    Major modifications to an entire plumbing system like rerouting or extending pipes can get you in hot water – literally. You can cause thousands of dollars in water damage in a matter of seconds if you aren't a pro.
  7. Ice Dams
    If you end up with an ice dam during winter, think twice before attempting to remove it yourself. Even with the proper equipment, you could cause additional damage to your home and put yourself in harm's way.
  8. Gas Appliances
    If it has a gas line, call a professional. Gas leaks from incorrectly moving, hooking up, or resealing lines can lead to catastrophic results, such as fires, explosions, and fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.
To see how our DIY expert Chip Wade handles DIY and DDIY repairs at home, watch this 360-degree video.
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tackle home repairs

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