By Sharon Hurley Hall
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In America, more than 3,400 people are injured and 17,500 are killed each year because of fire, and many of these incidents involve kids. According to the US Fire Administration, kids under 10 represent 93% of fatalities and 38% of injuries where the cause of the fire was "playing with a heat source". A smart way to prevent these accident-related tragedies is to prepare your kids and teach them fire safety information.

Start with these 8 fire safety tips for kids:
  1. Teach kids how fast fire can move, how dangerous it is, and how hot it can be. This can help them comprehend the seriousness of fire safety.
  2. Set up house fire safety rules for dealing with fire hazards, ensuring that young kids know that playing with matches, lighters, or the stove top is dangerous, and that they should call an adult when they spot a potential fire.
  3. Create a fire escape plan for your house. Draw it out together, mark at least two escape routes in different colors and practice the plan so that it becomes second nature for everyone in the family. Remember to show kids how to unlock fire exits and call for help.
  4. Ensure your kids recognize the sound of the smoke alarm (which should be installed on every level of the house and in bedrooms and the kitchen). Regular testing and fire drill practice will help kids prepare for a real fire.
  5. Teach your kids fire safety techniques, such as stop, drop and roll, how to test doorknobs before they open them, and how to get down on the floor underneath the smoke to avoid smoke inhalation.
  6. In the event of an emergency, it can often be instinctive for young children to hide from danger. Explain to young children the important role that firefighters have in saving their lives and encourage them to call out for help in case of a fire.
  7. Show older kids how to use fire extinguishers using the PASS method: pull the pin and point the nozzle away, aim low towards the fire, squeeze the lever, and sweep in a side to side motion to cover the fire. Practicing this should be part of your home fire safety plan. Don't forget to check extinguishers regularly to ensure they are working.
  8. Remind your kids that when they escape from a fire, they should stay out. There's no going back to rescue a favorite toy or pet. Having a safe meeting place away from the home will ensure that everyone is accounted for.
Teaching your kids about fire safety awareness is the best way to make sure they are informed and prepared to deal with fire hazards.


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